DIROSO ? a family business

Hans-Peter und Irene Hans-Peter und Irene

Hans-Peter und Irene

Di Ro So Di Ro So

Di Ro So

Im Wäbihaus Im Wäbihaus

Im Wäbihaus

young ? natural ? innovative!


What started in 1998 with a lot of energy, a big portion of heart and four small wine-barrels has been growing over a short period of time into a family business of a considerable size.

We work about 5 hectares, i.e. 12.5 acres, of grapes in different plots of land ranging from the valley of Visp down to Varen. Apart from the vinification of traditional wines from the Valais, we also do the vinification of very special and unparalleled wines. The winery situated in Turtmann is ideally located: Within a radius of 30 km the famous vineyards of Visperterminen are situated to the east and in the west of one of the sunny hillside of Varen.

Our vineyards of grapes are being worked, following the guidelines of an integrated production (IP) and the regulations fixed by Vitival. Moreover, in the Valais we are pioneers in natural wine-growing and in promoting types of grapes that are fungus resistant (PIWI).

The young family business profits in wine-growing as well as in viniculture from a working experience of more than 30 years by Hans-Peter. His initiative taking, type of work, is complemented ideally by Irene in sale and office work. The up-to-date know-how of Diego, Roman and Sonja (DI-RO-SO) guarantees a new and continuous stimulus to the family business.




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